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Ben Davis Restoration is the reliable and compassionate team of professionals that you want on your side in the wake of a disaster in Carthage, MO. Specializing in all insurance claims, we have been helping families recover from water and fire damage for almost 20 years. Now we’re offering our expertise in recovery from trauma scene aftermath, and commercial decontamination. Let us be your IICRC certified professionals.

  • Trauma and Crime Scene Recovery
  • Home Restoration
  • Commercial Decontamination
  • Bio-Hazard Clean Up
  • Insurance Mitigation
  • Commercial Cleaning

IICRC stands for the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). The IICRC is a certification and standard-setting non-profit organization for the inspection, cleaning and restoration industries.

Commercial cleaning & decontamination is an optional professional service that many businesses around Carthage, MO have adopted over the years. Let us come in while you’re closed and knock out all of the dirty work. You’ll be able to rest assured while Carthage, MO's IICRC certified cleaning professionals are on the job.



There is no such thing as a job too big or too dirty for BDR. Our IICRC certified team can handle anything that life throws your way. Mold, sewage, bodily fluids – we’ve seen it all and can take care of it for you. We have the right protective equipment to eliminate bio-hazards safely and efficiently.


Ben Davis Restoration provides awide range of cleaning services. We are a trusted resource for law enforcement and coroner’s offices to rely on.


The road to recovery can be long in the wake of a traumatic event like the death of a loved one. It only makes matters worse when it happens in your own home. Let us help you take the first step towards recovery. With compassionate care and discrete service, we will work with you to restore your beloved home.


You’ve learned by now that your commercial property isn’t immune to disaster. In the event of a death or otherwise hazardous situation, you’ll want Carthage, MO’s IICRC professionals on your side for the recovery. If your building has tenants, occupants, or operations being conducted, then getting it fixed in a safe and timely manner is our priority.


Let us be your IICRC certified Insurance claims specialists.


When tragedy or crime occurs in Carthage, MO, the aftermath is often more than emotional—it's physical too. From removing biological contaminants to cleaning up after police investigations, the task at hand isn't for the faint-hearted. This is where professional crime scene cleaning services come into play.

Welcome to Ben Davis Restoration, Carthage, MO’s trusted expert in crime scene cleaning. With years of hands-on experience, specialized equipment, and rigorous training, we understand the complexities involved in making an environment safe and livable again.

Choosing the right company for this delicate task is critical, which is why we prioritize the four pillars of professional service—Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. Our goal is to put your mind at ease, knowing you've enlisted the help of qualified professionals who are committed to restoring normalcy and safety to your life.

Choosing the right company for this delicate task is critical, which is why we prioritize the four pillars of professional service—Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. Our goal is to put your mind at ease, knowing you've enlisted the help of qualified professionals who are committed to restoring normalcy and safety to your life.

If you're in Carthage, MO and are in urgent need of top-rated crime scene cleaning services, don't hesitate to call us for immediate assistance.

Why Choose Ben Davis Restoration for Your Crime Scene Cleaning Needs in Carthage, MO

When it comes to crime scene cleaning, you can't afford to take any shortcuts or compromises. This work requires a very particular skill set and a wealth of experience—both of which we've accumulated at Ben Davis Restoration.

Unparalleled Experience

We've been in the industry for years, honing our techniques and adapting to the latest advancements in cleaning technology. This experience has equipped us to handle a wide range of situations, from less complicated jobs to highly intricate cases that require specialized attention. Simply put, there's no substitute for on-the-ground experience when it comes to cleaning up a crime scene properly.

Expertise in Complex Cases

While every job is unique, some situations are undeniably more complicated than others. Cases involving suicide cleanup, for instance, require not just impeccable cleaning skills but also a compassionate approach. We've trained our team to manage these intricate cases with the utmost professionalism and sensitivity, so you can trust us to get the job done right, no matter how complex.

Authoritative in Our Field

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond our service to include industry certifications, ongoing staff training, and public recognitions. It's one thing to claim expertise; it's another to have credentials that back it up. We are compliant with all state and federal regulations and have earned several accolades and certifications that underline our commitment to being a leader in the field.

Trustworthy and Client-Approved

Trust is hard-earned in this industry, which is why we place a high value on transparency and client satisfaction. Our clients' testimonials and reviews speak for themselves, reflecting our commitment to deliver quality service each time. We understand that you're placing immense trust in us during a difficult period in your life, and we do not take that lightly.

Choosing a crime scene cleaning service is a decision that should never be rushed. You need a team that embodies Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. At Ben Davis Restoration, we pride ourselves on meeting and exceeding these criteria.

If you're in need of an experienced and trustworthy team, look no further. Contact us to find out why we are the top choice for crime scene cleaning services in Carthage, MO.

What is Crime Scene Cleaning?

The term "crime scene cleaning" may sound straightforward, but the reality is much more nuanced. It involves the safe and effective cleanup of biological materials, chemicals, and other hazardous substances that may be present after a violent crime, accident, or in unfortunate cases, suicide. This extends to various settings including residences, vehicles, and public areas.

Different Types of Cases

The umbrella of crime scene cleaning actually covers a variety of scenarios, each demanding a unique approach:

Violent Crimes: Cleanup after homicides, assaults, and other acts of violence.

Accidents: Cases where accidental deaths or injuries have occurred.

Suicide Cleanup: Special attention is required to deal with the emotional and psychological aspects, along with cleaning up after the event.

The Importance of Professional Services

One might think, "It's cleaning; how hard can it be?" But the truth is, doing this type of cleaning yourself is not just impractical, but risky. For one, professional crime scene cleaners are trained to handle hazardous materials and have access to specialized equipment that the average person does not.

Moreover, the emotional toll of cleaning a space where a tragic event has happened can be overwhelming. Professional cleaners not only do the job effectively but also with a level of sensitivity and confidentiality that is crucial in these circumstances.

Health and Safety Risks

Engaging in crime scene cleaning without proper training and equipment can expose you to a variety of health hazards, including bloodborne pathogens and toxic chemicals. There’s also the risk of incomplete decontamination, which can pose long-term health and safety risks. Professional services adhere to strict protocols to ensure that all hazards are properly identified, contained, and eliminated, providing peace of mind that the cleaned area is truly safe for human occupancy.

Understanding what crime scene cleaning entails highlights the importance of entrusting this work to trained professionals. At Ben Davis Restoration, we offer the specialized skills and compassionate service you need during these difficult times.

If you're facing a situation that requires expert crime scene cleaning, don’t risk doing it yourself or hiring inexperienced companies. Reach out to the seasoned professionals at Ben Davis Restoration for safe and comprehensive cleaning services.

The Crime Scene Cleaning Process in Carthage, MO

Understanding what goes on behind the scenes can provide a sense of relief and assurance during a difficult time. With that in mind, let’s walk through our crime scene cleaning process at Ben Davis Restoration to give you an idea of what you can expect when you entrust this critical task to us.

Initial Assessment and Consultation

The first step involves a detailed assessment of the affected area. Our trained professionals arrive on the scene to evaluate the extent of contamination and the materials involved. Based on this evaluation, we'll consult with you to outline the course of action, estimated time of completion, and the associated costs. This initial consultation ensures that you're well-informed before any actual cleaning begins.

Cleaning, Disinfection, and Deodorization

Once the initial assessment is complete, our team gets to work wearing full protective gear. The cleaning process involves not just removing visible contaminants, but also eliminating invisible hazards using advanced disinfecting solutions.

Given that smells can linger even after visual signs of an incident are gone, deodorization is also a critical part of the cleaning process. Specialized equipment and solutions are used to ensure that the area is free from odors as well as potential health risks.

Waste Disposal

Handling the waste generated during the cleanup is a task that should be approached with the same level of caution as the cleaning itself. All biohazardous materials are safely packed in specially designed containers for proper disposal. We adhere to all federal, state, and local guidelines to ensure that the waste is treated and disposed of in an environmentally safe manner.

Final Inspection

No job is considered complete until a final inspection has been carried out. This step involves a thorough review of the cleaned area to make sure that no spots have been missed and that all cleaning, disinfection, and deodorization steps have been effectively implemented. Only when we're satisfied with the cleanliness and safety of the area will we consider the job complete.

The process may be intricate, but each step serves a purpose: ensuring the affected area is returned to a safe, livable condition as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Tools and Technologies Used

When it comes to effective and efficient crime scene cleaning, the right tools and technologies make all the difference. At Ben Davis Restoration, we don't just rely on our extensive training and years of experience; we also invest in state-of-the-art equipment to ensure we're delivering the highest quality service possible.

Cutting-Edge Tools

Our toolbox isn't your average household cleaning kit. We utilize professional-grade disinfectants, industrial-strength deodorizers, and specialized equipment like HEPA-filtered vacuums to ensure the area is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. We also employ advanced technologies like fogging machines for dispersing disinfectants and odor-neutralizing solutions throughout a space.

How Our Tools Set Us Apart

Efficiency: Our advanced tools allow us to work quickly without compromising on quality. Speed is often of the essence in these situations, and our equipment ensures we can meet tight deadlines.

Precision: High-grade equipment allows us to be precise, ensuring every inch of the affected area is dealt with appropriately.

Safety: State-of-the-art tools mean better safety measures. From our protective gear to our waste disposal procedures, we prioritize the health and well-being of both our clients and our staff.

By investing in the best tools and technologies, we're able to provide an unmatched level of service that sets us apart as the best choice for crime scene cleaning in Carthage, MO.

Health and Safety Protocols

Safety is at the forefront of what we do at Ben Davis Restoration, both for our team and our clients. Given the nature of crime scene cleaning, maintaining the highest standards of health and safety is not just a guideline—it's an absolute necessity.

Protective Gear Worn by Our Team

Our team members are equipped with specialized protective gear designed to minimize exposure to hazardous substances. This includes:

  • Full-body biohazard suits
  • High-grade respirators
  • Double-layered gloves
  • Face shields or goggles

Our Safety Protocols

Before commencing any job, we undertake a series of steps designed to ensure everyone's safety:

Area Isolation: The affected area is cordoned off to limit the potential spread of contaminants.

Safety Briefings: Every team member is briefed on the specific safety measures and procedures pertinent to the job at hand.

Sanitization: Our equipment is sterilized before and after each use to minimize cross-contamination risks.

Ongoing Monitoring: Throughout the cleaning process, we continuously monitor the environment to ensure that all safety protocols are being followed diligently.

Going Beyond Industry Standards

While many companies may adhere to basic safety guidelines, we strive to exceed them. We invest in ongoing staff training to ensure everyone is up-to-date on the latest health and safety regulations. We also conduct regular internal audits of our safety protocols to identify any areas for improvement.

By meticulously planning our health and safety measures, we aim to eliminate any risks associated with crime scene cleaning. This meticulous attention to safety is part of what makes Ben Davis Restoration the go-to choice for these sensitive and critical services near you.

For a service that puts your safety first, contact us today.

Why Timely Crime Scene Cleaning is Essential in Carthage, MO

Dealing with a crime scene or a traumatic event is emotionally draining and stressful. It's a time when the last thing you want to worry about is the cleanup. However, the urgency of crime scene cleaning cannot be overstated for several compelling reasons.

The Urgency Factor

Time is of the essence in these situations for various reasons:

  • Health Hazards: Biological fluids and other potentially harmful substances can pose serious health risks if not promptly addressed.
  • Psychological Toll: The visual reminder of a traumatic event can be emotionally disturbing for family members, friends, and even neighbors.
  • Public Safety: In public areas or shared residential spaces, timely cleanup is essential to maintain public health and safety.

Risks of Delayed Cleaning

Postponing the cleaning process can lead to a host of problems:

  • Bacterial Growth: Over time, biological materials can decay, posing increased health risks.
  • Odor and Stains: The longer the delay, the more difficult it becomes to remove odors and stains, which can become permanent.
  • Structural Damage: Some substances can be corrosive, causing long-term damage to flooring, walls, and other structures.

Why Ben Davis Restoration Stands Out in Carthage, MO

Experience: Our years in the field have given us the understanding and know-how to handle any situation, whether it's a crime scene or a traumatic event like a suicide.

Expertise: We're more than just a cleaning service; we're specialists trained to deal with the complexities and nuances that each unique situation presents, from the initial assessment to the final inspection.

Authoritativeness: Our team is highly certified and continuously educated on the latest industry standards and safety protocols, positioning us as an authoritative figure in the field of crime scene cleaning.

Trustworthiness: Don't just take our word for it; our client testimonials and positive reviews speak to the high level of trust we've established in our community.

When faced with the challenging task of restoring a space back to safety and normalcy, you need a service provider you can rely on, both for the quality of work and the emotional support provided. With our impeccable standards and commitment to the well-being of our clients, Ben Davis Restoration stands as the go-to service provider for crime scene cleaning in Carthage, MO.


Biohazard remediation experts play an essential role in restoring spaces to their original safe and livable condition. Their main goal is not just to clean but to ensure that families can confidently return to their homes without the threat of infections or other health risks. Additionally, they compassionately handle the often sensitive task of removing any distressing reminders related to the passing of a loved one. Companies like Ben Davis Restoration lead the industry in combining utmost professionalism with a genuine sense of care, making them the first choice for many seeking such crucial services.

The pricing for crime scene cleanup varies considerably, mainly because each case presents its own set of challenges. Without inspecting the extent of the damage firsthand, it's nearly impossible to offer a precise estimate. That's why companies like Aftermath, a top-notch player in the bioremediation and crime scene cleanup sector, emphasize the importance of an on-site assessment. By visiting the location, they can gauge the scope of the task and subsequently provide a tailored recommendation and estimate based on their expert evaluation.

Homeowners insurance and its coverage for death-related cleanups can vary based on the specific policy in place. Generally, many policies do provide assistance with the costs associated with biohazard and crime scene cleanups. Companies such as Ben Davis specialize in such services, catering to situations like murders, attempted murders, or unattended deaths. Nonetheless, it's vital to review your individual policy or speak with your insurance agent to get a clear understanding of what exactly is covered. It's important to note that coverage is not guaranteed and can differ from one policy to another.

In a traumatic event, the privacy and emotional well-being of affected families are paramount. Understanding this, Ben Davis Restoration has made discretion one of its core principles. Our commitment to discretion extends to the very way we operate, communicate, and conduct our services. We ensure that every interaction, from the first phone call to the completion of our cleanup, is approached with sensitivity, respect, and a genuine understanding of the emotional gravity of the situation.