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For any location in need of repairs, simple maintenance, or additional upgrades to buildings. Ben Davis Restoration can deliver both what you need and what you want.


Whether it’s carpet cleaning, a complete re-upholstery, crimes scene clean up or even bio-hazards, we can clean it all.


Torrential rains can cause devastating flood damage to homes across the Ozarks, damaging basements and sweeping away entire foundations. BDR has the experience and resources necessary to restore the damage done to your home and leave it in even better condition than it was before.


Electrical fires can cause massive damages to homes and cause a great deal of stress and pain. BDR can lift this weight off your shoulders and restore your home with our experienced team of professionals.


Plain and simple our mitigation services are to make sure that you are getting you owed out of your insurance agreement. This is to reduce your out of pocket cost for repairs as much as possible.


We are here for you from the moment you file your claim until you're back in your home. Any questions, comments, or concerns that you may have are our priority.

Our Process



The first step in the restoration process is yours to take. You can contact us any time of the day and we will have somebody as soon as possible to assess the damages and repairs needed.



The first step in our process after getting off of the phone with you, is to come down and assess the damages. We have certified professional appraisers who will know exactly what the damages to your home mean for you and your insurance company.



Once the paperwork is done with and we have our marching orders form our appraiser, we get right to work on getting your house fixed. It's our goal to leave your house in the best condition it's ever been in.



We don't just want to leave your house in the best condition it's ever been in. We want to leave you with peace of mind too. From a simple with trough tour to an open line of communication.

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The first step in the restoration process