Saving You Time & Money

Saving You Time & Money

Over the weekend one of our crews was able to save a home from flood damage. Now that is what we do every day, but there was something special about this job. Most restoration companies will do as much work to your home as your insurance company will possible let them, even if it means unnecessary repairs and wasted time.

That’s Not the Case at Ben Davis Restoration

The house we were able to save this weekend. The original
moisture reading showed almost 30% moisture in some places. We were able to get this down to normal levels with out making a single flood cut to the clients sheet rock. This move saves our client thousands of dollars, and weeks of being out of their home. Decisions like this are what keep our clients happy and coming back time and time again for all of their home repair needs.

Has Your Home Been Damaged By a Flood?

If so, you know who to call! We are The Ozark’s flood restoration experts that you can trust!