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Ben Davis Cleaning & Restoration is a family owned insurance mitigation company that has been servicing customers from all around the Ozarks for almost 20 years. Reliable, professional, and caring, we know how trying times can be in the wake of home disasters, and our mission goal is to relieve you of the stress involved with reconstructing your home by making it even better than before. We service homes damaged by anything from house fires, floods, tornadoes, mudslides and more.

  • Home Repair
  • Roof Repair
  • Flood Damage Repair
  • Insurance Mitigation
  • Commercial Repair
  • Fire Damage Repair
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From concept to creation


The aftermath of home disasters can be extremely overwhelming. Extremely due to having hit the one place closest to you: home. Ben Davis Cleaning & Restoration understands the necessity of a support network during times like these, and we would love to relieve you of the stress and anguish related to rebuilding the stepping stone of your life. We will guide you through the process with proper communication and understanding, making sure the reconstruction fits both your needs and wants, and so you’re aware of the progress at all times.

With the experience, knowledge, and tools at our disposal we will reconstruct any damages done to your specific, unique, and individualized needs. Every home is different, and Ben Davis Cleaning & Restoration is ready to take a horrible disaster in your life and flip it on it’s head by giving you an even better home than beforehand. Customer reviews from all around the Ozarks are glowing about the quality of service we can provide.

To Ben Davis Cleaning & Restoration, delivery means getting the product you want. When you choose a contractor for something as important to you as reconstructing your home, the product being delivered is extremely important. We promise that we will deliver you exactly the home you want, or we won’t leave until it’s satisfactory.

Our Services

For a job of any size, we’re your company. From specific structural damage to complete reconstructive services, we have the tools and know how needed to service anyone around the Ozarks.

Ben Davis Cleaning & Restoration does not only work with structural damage. We can do anything from carpet cleaning to complete re-upholstery as well.

Having an insurance company pay for your reconstruction would normally be a dangerous game without Ben Davis Cleaning & Restoration involved. Actually being on your side, we will make sure that you get the services you’re owed.

We don’t only serve residential locations. If your business has been hit by a disastrous incident we can get it back up and running as soon as possible.



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